What Makes Web3War® Different?

Web3War® is a unique offering in the highly competitive and exhilarating world of first-person shooters. While it may feel familiar in many respects, with competitive gameplay, much-loved game modes, and maps that take inspiration from classic titles, the similarities do come to a grinding halt when you take a look under our hood. 

The developer behind Web3War®, Roll1ng Thund3rz, was keen to build the first mainstream FPS in a new era of Web3 gaming, and one that would introduce world-first blockchain features to a game with superior visual design. 


Skill2Earn Mechanics


Leading the pack of innovations designed for Web3War®, and which will serve the larger ecosystem as it unfolds, is the invention of Skill2Earn mechanics. 

Let’s put this straight - Skill2Earn (S2E) and Play-to-Earn (P2E) appear as near opposites when you take a closer look.

The Web3War® team looked at the FPS market, the Web3 gaming space, the big studios and publishers, and the indie devs. We looked at traditional gaming models and the failed P2E system of the last bull run. All of it was very educational and informative as we collectively asked “What can we do better?”.

Asking that question helped birth Skill2Earn, a now-realized idea that better players should be rewarded more for playing better. It seems so logical, and yet nobody in Web3 was doing it. We quickly saw that a mechanic where you could pay a commission in crypto to enter Ranked Matches and win most of the opponent’s stake was very inclusive, motivating, sustainable, and stimulating. Reward output would be merited and earned based on performance, not just because you have more time or more money to spend on a game. 

To read a deep dive into Skill2Earn, read this comprehensive guide.


Cross-Game Weapon Skins


While the use of NFTs in Web3 games almost comes as standard these days, how it is applied varies massively. Our development team found that the best use case for Web3War® would be creating cosmetic items that could play a role in the wider ecosystem, and not just one game. We’re committed to implementing this as we develop more games, so any skins you buy or earn will be usable in future titles. 

As our rivals lock items into single games, keeping true to the historical method of game design, we see the bigger picture. We envision a future where players can move their items, such as skins and weapons, along with their achievements and reputation too.


High-Quality Graphics


When we built Web3War®, we all agreed that maps needed to be tactically challenging, with excellent choke points, sniping spots, camping zones, and more. However, they also needed to look visually stunning, to compete not just in Web3, but with AAA titles too. To look the part, we brought in visual experts who worked hard to extend the graphic quality, visual design, attention to detail, and immersive nature of the maps. 

We believe Web3War® merits its place alongside AAA games when it comes to visual brilliance and map depth. This is also true of characters and weapons, where every detail is discussed. Bringing such high frame rates and optimal performance to the gameplay is a real team effort, both from our developers and the tech stack provided by Zilliqa.


Season Pass & $FPS Staking


Since we first launched, we have intended to continually roll out exciting developments and updates until we reach a point where the content is immense, the gameplay is top quality, and we can be confident in saying that we have a mature, groundbreaking game. Now, we’re there, and with the latest v3.0 release and the first Season Pass, we can enter a new development phase.

Seasonal content updates on Web3War® will work a little differently from what you might be used to with your previous favorite FPS. In Season 1, you could see the new things such as:

  • The Season Pass which is accessed by staking 100 $FPS
  • New collection of weapon skins
  • Opportunity to play Ranked Matches and win rewards in $FPS

New content will be added to each Season Pass to freshen it up and create additional opportunities to earn rewards for your gameplay performances and winning competitive Ranked Matches.


Opportunity to Earn $FPS in Ranked Matches


To re-iterate the potential of Skill2Earn mechanics, yes, there is the opportunity to earn $FPS, which does have real-world value. If you’re thinking of playing Web3War® as an income stream, side hustle, or just as a nice perk of enjoying an FPS in your free time, then here’s how it works.

You earn $FPS by winning Ranked Matches. It’s that simple. You stake a certain amount of $FPS, our native token, and your opponent will stake the same amount. This forms the prize pool.

The staking mechanic is the same whether the match is 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. 

If you win, and only if you win, you get the prize. The prize is set at 88%. Why not 100%, you may ask? Well, 2% gets burned to help the $FPS token prize, a very nice feature that should help the prize pools become more lucrative over time. The remaining 10% goes to us, and that’s how we fund the building, developing, improving, maintaining, securing, marketing, and nurturing of Web3War®. 

Other Web3 games may offer P2E mechanics for staking NFTs or spending lots of time on their games, but we’ve made it much more direct and performance-based with S2E. If you’re epic at W3W, you’re going to win Ranked Matches and stack your $FPS. 


FUS1ON Gaming Hub® 


The final piece of the puzzle for setting Web3War® apart from our rivals is the development of the FUS1ON Gaming Hub®, a key element of our ecosystem. FUS1ON can be to Web3, what Steam is to Web2 gaming, and you’ll notice that our launchpad and marketplace have taken inspiration from Steam and Steamworks. That familiar feel is key to usability, trust, and accessibility, but beyond visuals, FUS1ON is a unique entity, built on top of the Zilliqa blockchain, accessible via app or browser, and with plenty of exciting features.

FUS1ON Wallet is where you will store the $FPS tokens you’ve earned from Ranked Matches, and the MARK3T is where you’ll go to buy and sell new skins. Then there’s the built-in swap feature between Zilliqa ($ZIL) and Web3War® ($FPS). All existing and future features in FUS1ON and Web3War® are protected by N3utr0n®, one of the most advanced anti-hacking and anti-cheating tools in the world. We’re also DigiCERT verified and certified for our progressive approach to protecting our ecosystem. We know for a fact that many of our rivals do not go to the same extremes to demand quality as we do, especially when it comes to security. 

The Roll1ng Thund3rz team are innovators, it’s in their nature, so you can expect pioneering ideas with each update. FUS1ON is in its early stages but will form a crucial part of our growing gaming ecosystem.