Learn your Arena

With maps ranging from tight urban warzones to an idyllic jungle paradise, players can choose the battlefield that best suits their skills.

Maps are designed for even and fast-paced gameplay that rewards tactical knowledge and situational awareness.

Learning the layout and secrets of maps in WEB3WAR will be critical to your success as you hone your skills and climb the leaderboard.

Urban and Open Warfare

From frantic, close-quarters firefights with SMGs and flashbangs in a high-rise office building to guerilla sniping on an island paradise, the maps of WEB3WAR deliver thrilling and exciting competitive gameplay.

Traverse dust-blown ridges and sneak through tight canyons as you pick off enemies, work with your squad to clear close-quartered cells in a police station, or move tactically through an industrial workshop as you carve through the opposition.

WEB3WAR offers players a wide selection of maps at launch, each bringing new challenges and playstyles, and this roster will continually expand as the game grows.

New Maps with Seasonal Content
WEB3WAR offers regular seasonal updates on an ongoing basis, bringing new skins, weapons, game modes, and maps for players to enjoy.