You want fun? We bring you the game and rewards!
WEB3WAR v3.2 is now live with Season 2 new content and an exciting Season Pass!
Web3War developed by Roll1ng Thund3rz
Free To Play MultiplaYer ShoOter SeCUred by BloCkChain

Welcome to WEB3WAR, a free-to-play, multiplayer first-person shooter built around season-based content.

Test your skills in an unforgiving virtual battleground that rewards high-skill gameplay and tactical superiority, and earn rewards for proving your dominance.

Battle for SUpreMaCY

Dive into WEB3WAR and challenge yourself against other players from around the world in a fast-paced multiplayer shooter that offers a wide range of maps, game modes, and features.

Skills and courage are rewarded in this action-packed arena — where untold fortune and fame await those who triumph.

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Fast-Paced FPS GameplaY

Everyone can play WEB3WAR, but those who prove their skills will reap the most rewards.

WEB3WAR rewards high-performance players who excel in fast-paced first-person shooter action and can adapt to a large range of maps and game modes.

Those with precise movement, sharp aim, and the right loadout of weapons, attachments and equipment for the chosen map will ultimately triumph.