Is WEB3WAR free-to-play?

WEB3WAR is free-to-play for everyone. You can participate in unranked play, with new weapons and attachments able to be earned through normal gameplay.

Ranked play requires a nominal payment of in-game currency to compete, with the opportunity to earn more if you win and perform well.

Players can purchase in-game currency and trade this for  cosmetic skins, which do not affect gameplay.

 Can my computer play WEB3WAR?

WEB3WAR is designed for crossplay and cross-progression across multiple platforms, but is currently only available for devices running Microsoft Windows. To check if your device is ready to play, visit w3w.game/support/system-specs

I don’t know what a blockchain is. Can I still play WEB3WAR?

Of course! WEB3WAR uses blockchain to offer a unique and empowering gaming experience with real stakes and genuine in-game ownership, but you do not need to know anything about blockchain technology to enjoy the game and earn rewards.

What is the FUS1ON Gaming Hub?

The FUS1ON Gaming Hub is a launcher for Web3 games compatible with the Zilliqa blockchain. It is required to download, update, and play WEB3WAR.

I am having problems installing the Gaming Hub Launcher or WEB3WAR, what should I do?

If you have any issues with installation or updating, visit the WEB3WAR Discord and ask for assistance.

How do I earn tokens?

Tokens can be earned by Season Pass owners through the Skill2Earn system, which will go live with the start of Season 1 of WEB3WAR. tokens will also be available for direct purchase with the commencement of Season 1.

Do I need to buy ZIL to play WEB3WAR?

No, you do not need any digital currencies or an existing blockchain wallet to begin playing WEB3WAR. When you sign up through the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, a Zilliqa wallet is automatically created for you and will store any  tokens and cosmetic skins you purchase or earn in-game.