Our gaming vision

Blockchain is a tool for gaming, not the other way around. Web3War uses blockchain technology to empower gamers with the opportunity to *really* own their skins and earn valuable rewards for the skill they demonstrate in-game

Benefits of building on blockchain

Real Ownership

Real Opportunity

Real Time

Own what you earn

From skins to in-game currency, everything you earn and unlock in Web3War is yours to keep, trade, or sell. All thanks to the power of blockchain

Skins in Web3War




Compete to earn tokens with real cash value

The FPS Token

Earn the FPS token for your achievements in-game

Earn it by playing

Use it to purchase skins

Stake it for rewards

Sell it for cash

powered by


Zilliqa is a high performance blockchain and the world’s first to launch sharding, a scaling solution that perfectly suits the demands of gaming

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Powered by the Zilliqa Unity SDK

Web3War was developed with Zilliqa’s fully-featured Unity SDK, which is designed to help game developers quickly and easily build games on Zilliqa.

Check out Zilliqa’s Unity SDK on github >

Dive deeper into Web3War

Web3War was built on the Zilliqa blockchain - our whitepaper covers tokenomics, design, and the details of our Zilliqa integration.

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