How Web3War® Revolutionizes FPS Gaming With Skill2Earn

It’s time to talk specifically about a key innovation of Web3War®, one that will set us apart from our rivals, deliver a unique and immersive gaming experience to our players, and which will redefine how gamers approach and progress through their favorite games. 

We are talking about Skill2Earn, a significant advancement we are building into our flagship title, Web3War®, which will drive highly competitive gameplay and innovative blockchain-based rewards.


Pioneering: Skill2Earn Mechanics


We looked at traditional gaming models and Web3 gaming rivals and asked - “What could we do better?” The result is Skill2Earn, a development that makes Web3 gaming more inclusive and mainstream thanks to a sustainable incentive economy that correlates reward output to skill and performance. As you play better and hone your skills, you’ll receive greater rewards

To benefit from the Skill2Earn (S2E) mechanics, you’ll need to join Ranked Matches and win. Our intelligent system recognizes elite performance and rewards players with blockchain-based tokens and assets, enriching the gaming experience and creating more value. All of these reasons will empower gamers to join a high-quality, high-growth, and high-octane community. 

Pivotal to the function of Skill2Earn and the Web3War® economy is $FPS, our native blockchain-based token. This multi-functional token will grant you access to exclusive features and will be the basis of all in-game transactions. Beyond being used to purchase add-ons, $FPS is needed to engage with the Skill2Earn system and participate in Ranked Matches. 

Once you’ve purchased or earned your $FPS, you’ll gain access to:

- Ranked Matches where you can earn more $FPS (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4)

- Bespoke and collaborative maps

- Competitive esports events

- NFT Soulbound Season Pass content unlocks

- Exclusive in-game NFT skins

- Submitting and voting on user-generated content

- Subscription service payments (e.g Styngr)

- Epic physical and digital merchandise


Comparison: Skill2Earn vs Play-to-Earn


You may already be wondering what the difference is between Skill2Earn and Play-to-Earn. Let’s clear that up now.

The first generation of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games required you to spend a lot of time clicking and waiting, in the hope of earning some tokens. You burned time in exchange for these tokens and this did little to create an enjoyable or skillful gaming experience. Early blockchain-based titles confused volume and quantity, whilst requiring a constant influx of new players and deposits to maintain the token price. The tokenomics were inherently flawed, most games failed, and the critics were brutal.

The novel design of Skill2Earn delivers a robust solution that is genuinely an evolution in gaming economics, and which can reshape Web3 games to drive a major migration of gamers to this space. 

With Skill2Earn, players are rewarded for how well they play the game, in this case, Web3War®, rather than how long they play it. If you’re bad at the game, you won’t earn much, but you’ll be motivated to get better. If you’re really good, or even a professional-level gamer, the rewards will come thick and fast.

As well as fair rewards for skill-based play, S2E will help players progress through the Season Pass faster, climb through the profile and weapon progressions quicker, and grant access to all of the rich and varied gameplay.


Competitive Action: Ranked Matches


You’ll earn $FPS by competing in Ranked Matches, where your reward is calculated based on a combination of your own performance and your team’s success. We’re introducing 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 Ranked Matches, so whether you’re teaming up or battling it out alone, there’s a healthy prize pool at stake for the deathmatch victors. 

Here’s how it works:

1) The players pay an $FPS fee to enter a Ranked Match

2) The winning player or team gets 88% of the prize pool

3) This prize money is added to your wallet and can be spent on skins, the Season Pass or to play more Ranked Matches and win more $FPS

Of the remaining 12% of the prize pool, our token burn mechanism will burn 2% to decrease the supply of $FPS and 10% will go towards Web3War® development.


Coming Soon: Season 1 with Skill2Earn


Set to launch at the end of February, Season 1 will not only integrate Skill2Earn, but just as a reminder, you’ll discover:

  • Our 1st Season Pass (stake $FPS for access to 13 Skins and 12 XP boosts)
  • Roll1ng Thund3rz anniversary NFTs - new soldier skins with customizable features
  • 31 new weapon NFT templates 
  • Ranked Matches - players pay $FPS to join, and the winning team or player takes 88% of the prize pool
  • Our new token burn mechanism, designed to manage the supply of $FPS


Final Words


The excitement here at Web3War® and reverberating throughout the community can be felt on so many different levels. We’re getting more attention from Big Tech, major esports teams, and the mainstream media as we rewrite the rules of Web3 gaming and become the first Web3 game in the Microsoft Store. 

As the Web3War® momentum grows, we will continue to stand by our philosophy and make sure that gaming is fun and rewarding for everyone involved.