Roll1ng Thund3rz Sells Out Another Skin Collection For Soulless Citadel Partnership

On Wednesday 20th March 2024, Roll1ng Thund3rz LTD, the company behind Web3War video game announced their partnership with The Soulless Citadel, the origin of the Shibui Cinematic Universe, a vast universe empowered by NFTs. To kick off the partnership, 20 limited edition Soulless Citadel skin NFTs were added to the FUS1ON MARK3T.

Within 20 minutes of announcing the partnership and the skins going live on the MARK3T, they had all sold out and some had already been relisted at much higher prices. This comes only a week after our PlunderSwap Pirate collection sold out in only 2 hours! With a great start to these two new partnerships, we are now looking forward to collaborating even more with The Soulless Citadel & PlunderSwap, as well as to some other exciting upcoming opportunities.

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