Roll1ng Thund3rz Partners With PlunderSwap, Sells Out Skin Collection

On Wednesday 13th March 2024, Roll1ng Thund3rz LTD, the company behind Web3War video game announced their partnership with PlunderSwap, the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on Zilliqa EVM. To kick off the partnership, Roll1ng Thund3rz’ revolutionary $FPS token has been listed on the PlunderSwap exchange and 20 limited edition PlunderSwap Pirate skin NFTs were added to the FUS1ON MARK3T.

Within ~2 hours of announcing the partnership and the skins going live on the MARK3T, they had all sold out and some had already been relisted at much higher prices. Indeed, they sold out before Valentin Cobelea, Chief Technical Officer & Founder of Roll1ng Thund3rz even had time to announce it himself! 

Cobelea posted on LinkedIn: “Before I managed to write the partnership announcement here, with our friends from PlunderSwap, the celebration skin-NFTs collection sold out! That's the outcome when exceptional web3 communities join forces and collaborate brilliantly.”

This exciting day is just the start of a commitment with PlunderSwap to to work together on even more pioneering projects. Make sure to follow Web3War on all socials to stay in the loop for future announcements.