What you need to know: WEB3WAR and FUS1ON Gaming Hub v1.0 is now live

Roll1ng Thund3rz has officially launched WEB3WAR and the FUS1ON Gaming Hub.

The launch follows a public beta period where both the multiplayer first-person shooter and the Web3 gaming platform underwent continued development and improvement. Both WEB3WAR and the FUS1ON Gaming Hub are now available in version 1.0.

WEB3WAR and the FUS1ON Gaming Hub are the flagship products developed by Roll1ng Thund3rz, which aims to create a Web3 gaming ecosystem built around high-quality games, player-first development, and unique blockchain features predicated on providing genuine utility.

WEB3WAR is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter built around seasonal content and skill-based gameplay, with cosmetic skins and other digital assets being tokenised and secured by the Zilliqa blockchain.

The FUS1ON Gaming Hub is a user-friendly platform for Web3 gaming that offers a number of components, including a launcher for games such as WEB3WAR; a marketplace for purchasing, trading, and selling cosmetic skins; an integrated Zilliqa wallet with fiat on-ramp; and much more to come.

WEB3WAR can be downloaded and played for free from the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, which is currently available for Microsoft Windows.

Click here to download the FUS1ON Gaming Hub and start playing WEB3WAR.

While WEB3WAR and the FUS1ON Gaming Hub have officially exited beta and are now available in version 1.0, Roll1ng Thun3rz will continue to add new features and functionalites to both products.

Below is a breakdown of the features available at launch and what players can look forward to in the coming months.

WEB3WAR features at launch
The team at Roll1ng Thund3rz has listened carefully to feedback from the community during the WEB3WAR public beta, and the 1.0 version of the game offers a number of exciting features and improvements over earlier releases.

At launch, WEB3WAR offers five ultra-high definition maps in addition to the eight older maps implemented during the public beta. These maps are as follows:

  • Canyon
  • Police Station
  • Skyscraper
  • Storage
  • Suburbs

Gameplay has been refined and expanded with overhauled loadout customisation, game modes, and weapon balance changes. Game modes at launch include Team and Free-for-All Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed matches, as well as a Gun Game mode where players rack up kills and cycle through different weapons to reach a target score.

Version 1.0 of WEB3WAR offers a fully fledged progression system, complete with weapon and attachment unlocks, achievement ribbons, and player levels. Daily and Weekly missions have been added as a way to earn regular experience, as have consumable experience boosts.

Matchmaking has seen major improvements over the course of the beta, with the multiplayer experience being refined and enhanced to deliver the best player experience possible.

Players can customise their weapons and loadouts to suit their favourite playstyle, and they can also equip cosmetic skins to further tailor their equipment and show off their flair while battling other players across a variety of game modes.

One of the headline features of WEB3WAR’s official launch is the integration of cosmetic skins with the FUS1ON Gaming Hub and the Zilliqa blockchain. Cosmetic weapon skins are tokenised as NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain and can be purchased directly from MARK3T - the integrated marketplace within the FUS1ON Gaming Hub - after which they will automatically be added to the player’s inventory in WEB3WAR.

A limited number of Founders Edition weapon skins will be available to purchase at launch, giving early adopters of WEB3WAR the opportunity to forever own an NFT that represents an important moment in the history of WEB3WAR. Or, if they prefer, they can choose to resell these NFTs later to others who might have missed out on these limited-edition digital assets.

Players who download and play the game after launch and before Season 1 begins will also receive a number of benefits, including an exclusive skin for their character model.

nload the FUS1ON Gaming Hub and play WEB3WAR free now.

Skill2Earn and seasonal content updates
Cosmetic skins in WEB3WAR are secured by the Zilliqa blockchain, which underpins the Web3 features of both the FUS1ON Gaming Hub and the games that Roll1ng Thund3rz is building.

A key feature of WEB3WAR is the Skill2Earn system, where players will be able to earn rewards for proving their skill in ranked matches. These rewards will take the form of tokens secured by the Zilliqa blockchain and accessible with the FUS1ON Gaming Hub’s integrated wallet and other Zilliqa wallets.

Implementing this feature requires the creation of a complex token ecosystem and careful balancing and development of ranked gameplay within WEB3WAR to ensure the Skill2Earn system is fair, fun, and designed to optimally reward high-skill gameplay.

The launch of the Skill2Earn system and token will be carried out alongside the first seasonal content update.

WEB3WAR will soon launch a Season Pass system built around seasonal content updates, each of which brings new maps, cosmetic skins, and features. These Season Passes will bring a number of powerful benefits for players and allow them to maximise the rewards they earn from gameplay.

Development of WEB3WAR continues in earnest following the official launch, and players can look forward to several new gameplay features, the launch of reward tokens and the Skill2Earn system, and much more with the first seasonal content update coming later this year.

“Everyone is really excited for the token to be launched to drive the economy of the game, and the Skill2Earn model is one we are really excited about,” explains Roll1ng Thund3rz CTO and co-founder Valentin Cobelea.
“For now, players can download and play the game, and purchase or trade the newly available cosmetic skin NFTs. We plan for this game to be around for a long time and are really excited about expanding its features and Web3 functionality going forward.”

FUS1ON Gaming Hub and MARK3T
The FUS1ON Gaming Hub is a Web3 gaming platform designed to offer powerful blockchain-based features while being accessible to traditional gamers and easy to use.

It features an integrated Zilliqa wallet that is automatically created for users when they sign up with their email address and password. To load this wallet with Zilliqa tokens, players can either send ZIL from another wallet or purchase ZIL directly from the FUSION Gaming Hub using the RAMP widget.

As RAMP is a third-party fiat on-ramp provider integrated into the platform, players will need to fulfil their KYC requirements in order to purchase ZIL directly with fiat currency.

Those who want to send ZIL from another wallet to their FUS1ON Gaming Hub account can find their pre-populated wallet address by clicking on their ZIL balance at the top-right corner of the interface.

Version 1.0 of the FUS1ON Gaming Hub includes a number of components, including a beta version of the NFT and token marketplace, MARK3T. This is integrated directly into the hub’s interface and allows users to quickly and easily purchase one of the Founders Edition NFTs minted to celebrate the launch of WEB3WAR.

All NFTs on the marketplace can be purchased and listed for sale through auctions or direct sales for ZIL, and once the token economy is enabled for WEB3WAR, players will also be able to use the tokens they earn in-game to purchase digital assets.

It is important to note that the ability to transfer ZIL from the FUS1ON Gaming Hub’s integrated wallet is not yet available. This is an important capability for users that will be added as a priority, but the focus for this initial release of the marketplace is to offer the ability to buy and own cosmetic skins, give players an opportunity to provide feedback on the user experience, and refine the large-scale trading of NFTs on the platform.

With drawing ZIL as fiat currency is not yet offered through the RAMP widget as this functionality has not yet been enabled for the Zilliqa blockchain. Once this has been enabled, the capability to withdraw fiat currency from the FUS1ON Gaming Hub will be implemented.

As this is a live implementation of cosmetic skin NFTs on the Zilliqa mainnet, the user experience around purchasing and trading assets can take longer than on traditional platforms that are not secured by blockchain technology.

It may take a number of minutes for your purchase to reflect or your NFT to be claimed and appear in your inventory. This process will become more efficient as the Zilliqa blockchain continues to scale and move towards faster transaction finality as its architecture is refined.