Web3War®: Support From Elite Esports Teams

Web3War® is a multiplayer-exclusive first-person shooter that has captured the attention and imagination of both casual and competitive gamers around the world. Through the introduction of several vanguard blockchain-powered features, such as full item ownerships via NFTs, a novel Skill2Earn (S2E) reward mechanic, and a native $FPS cryptocurrency token - the game is leading the charge in the Web3 gaming space. 

Being a pioneer in this space is fun, keeping the Web3War® team alert, creative, and innovative, whilst also keeping an eye out for elite players who can truly push the game to its limits. That’s where major esports teams have come in, battle-testing the gameplay, live streaming to their fans, and mentioning us on social media channels. So, what do these top performers think of our game?

Their verdict is in: Web3War® is epic and they want to play it competitively.

This is significant for us, and we’re going to explore just why.


Web3War®: A Better FPS Game, on the Blockchain


We want Web3War® to be about skillful gameplay and being rewarded for outperforming your opponents. This means Skill2Earn mechanics, tangible rewards, and an engaging and comprehensive progression system for your profile, weapons, and the Season Pass. With so many unlockables up for grabs, there’s a high level of customization to be enjoyed, allowing players to flex their loadouts with epic skins and weapons. 

Game modes, maps, and weapons are integrated with seasonal-based content, pushing you to adjust and perfect your playing style and strategies to continue being victorious and stacking up your rewards. 

To create a better FPS game, one that rises above our rivals, is faster, more secure, and more scalable, we’ve built on the Zilliqa blockchain. 


Why Web3 Games Must Consider the Needs of Web2 Players


Some say Web3 gaming starts where Web2 gaming ends, but that doesn’t paint the full picture. Yes, Web3 gaming builds upon the groundwork done by decades of great work in Web2, but it also presents an alternative, user-owned, and unique approach to gaming. What we also have to consider is that most Web2 gamers have no idea that they are Web2 gamers, and if we are going to bring them to Web3, we need to think about their needs and what can convince or entice them, as traditional gamers to play our games.


How Web3War® Caters to the Needs of Web2 Players


Ensuring User-Friendly Interfaces

Whether it’s the lobby, main menu, loadout selections, or adjusting your controls, we wanted to make sure that Web2 players would feel right at home. This meant keeping navigation and designs logical, frictionless, and easy to use, drawing inspiration from some of the most popular and legendary FPS titles in the gaming world. 

Implementing Familiar Features From Web2 Games

Several Web2 FPS games have served as inspiration for Web3War®, and it’s the best parts of these games that we’ve used. While our game stands out for being different when it comes to earning mechanics, Web3 rewards, and the use of blockchain technology, it offers many familiar concepts too. 

Game modes and rules are consistent, how your avatar moves will feel comfortable, and the shooting design is similar to some of the best Web2 games around. 

Cross-Game Skins

Roll1ng Thund3rz is working to implement in-game cosmetic items that can be used across multiple games created by this developer. 

This exciting utility for your Web3War® skins will give you further initiative to explore an unfolding ecosystem. The concept of taking items, weapons, and characters beyond the limits of a single game is part of the allure of Web3 gaming and will inspire many Web2 gamers.


The Importance of Support From Esports Teams

Historically speaking, there’s a positive correlation between the amount of support and attention esports teams give to certain games, and how successful those titles and their publishers are. It makes sense, of course, that if professional gamers adopt a title and make it even more competitive, then the game will get more attention, visibility, and exposure. 

Our team is pushing hard to make the best game possible for our players, and when esports teams, with established fan bases and resources, come to play and create awareness, it’s a real boost. It also opens the doors to incredible collaborations, competitive events, global-reaching tournaments, and lucrative sponsorships.


Web3War®'s Collaborations With the Most Popular Esports Teams


Until now, we’ve been lucky enough to get on the radar of some of the most exhilarating esports teams in the world and start collaborating- this helps to develop the game, the ecosystem, and the features available. 

Team RRQ - Indonesian Esports Team 

Team RRQ has been playing Web3War® recently and live streaming it to their 3.6m+ subscribers on YouTube! This helped us reach a much wider audience, especially in Southeast Asia.

Mad Lions: Criper’s Weapon Skin & More

Widely recognizable in the esports community and with channels in multiple languages, Mad Lions is one of the most popular competitive gaming outfits in the world. 

In one collaboration, we teamed up with Mad Lions player Criper and actress Carolina Kelsen at Zilliqa HQ to design a unique rare weapon skin. Check out the video below or head to YouTube for the full version (7 minutes).

Mad Lions have been hugely supportive of our mission and love to share clips of them playing it on their social media channels. 

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NIP is a legendary Swedish esports team that has been raving about Web3War® in recent months. We’ve even been featured multiple times on their YouTube channel, which has over 290,000 subscribers:

On Twitter, they’ve posted some great clips enjoying W3W, like the one below.


Final Thoughts


We’ve built a game that can be enjoyed by Web3 gamers, professional esports players, and Web2 gamers who are looking for a seamless transition into Web3. It’s been an exciting journey to this point but we are just getting warmed up. What we’ve built has turned heads and won hearts, and now the support we are receiving from esports teams serves as an important boost for how big we want Web3War® to be. 

There’s a real promising future for Web3 gaming when it embraces, integrates, and involves esports teams, and we want to be at the forefront of that.