Web3War launches Season 2 with new content, updates, and ways to earn $FPS.


Monday 1st July 2024.


ROLL1NG THUND3RZ, the company behind Web3War, the competitive web3 first-person-shooter video game, is excited to announce the launch of Season 2 of Web3War. 

With more web3 games publishers entering the market with new visions, promises and aspirations, Web3War is proud to have already established a growing community of players, nearly 100,000 strong, and an active game. Season 2 represents the next phase for Web3War and for the wider web3 gaming industry with the release of new content, NFT gun skins, game modes and perks, and a whole host of updates for improved gameplay. 

At the heart of Season 2 is the new Season Pass with a reduced fee of $50 FPS. The Season Pass gives players access to 50 new levels to grind through where they can unlock boosts, new challenges, and includes 30 new NFT gun skins to acquire and own. 

With Season 2, ranked matches have leveled up. Introducing “Ranked Match: Unlimited”. Now players can choose their own stake for ranked matches from 1 to 1,000 $FPS bringing a whole new dynamic to web3 competitive gaming and crypto wagering. This is released in line with our Skill2Earn mechanism and belief. Simply put, if you have the skill then you deserve to earn. 

In addition, Season 2 sees the introduction of a new map, hardcore mode (instant kill and no HUD) for extreme difficulty gameplay, new ribbons to unlock, a series of gameplay perk boosters, and enhanced VFX and GFX throughout the game. This truly makes Season 2 the most exciting season and update to Web3War yet! For a full breakdown of latest updates, please see the v3.2 patch update notes.

The launch of Season 2 comes alongside recently shared information in the next game developed by ROLL1NG THUND3RZ, RAC3R. RAC3R is a browser-enabled racing game allowing players to access as long as they have an internet browser connection and further expands ROLL1NG THUND3RZ’s ecosystem of games and utility for the $FPS token which will underpin both games. 

With more ways to play ranked matches, a new Season Pass, an increased market of NFTs, and further updates to come alongside the new RAC3R game, the $FPS token’s utility continues to grow and develop across the ROLL1NG THUND3RZ ecosystem, as we head into an exciting market for the rest of 2024 and beyond.