WEB3WAR launches in-game NFT collaboration with Dr. Death

Roll1ng Thund3rz is excited to announce our collaboration with Dr. Death on three new exclusive in-game skins for WEB3WAR that are now available to purchase as NFTs on the FUS1ON Gaming Hub.

Dr. Death is a high-profile content creator in the Zilliqa ecosystem offering a range of compelling digital artwork and enjoying popularity in the Web3 ecosystem and beyond, with their work being featured during Metaverse Fashion Week earlier this year and at physical galleries in London, United Kingdom.

"The Death Collector's" NFT collection is now available for purchase on the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, and comprises the following in-game skins:

- Serpent of Protection rocket launcher - 33 available for 750 ZIL each

- Threefold Kingdom M4 - 21 available for 1,200 ZIL each

- The Great White Thunderstorm shotgun - 9 available for 2,500 ZIL each

The FUS1ON Gaming Hub is a unified and accessible Web3 entertainment platform that functions as a marketplace for high-quality games and cosmetics while also allowing players to buy and sell tokens, trade cosmetic skin NFTs, match with friends, and much more.

Dr. Death is the first content creator to launch cosmetic skin NFTs for WEB3WAR on the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, marking a major step towards building a creator economy around tokenised assets that have a tangible impact on owners through their utility in Web3 games.

By opening the FUS1ON Gaming Hub’s marketplace to creators within and beyond the Zilliqa ecosystem, Roll1ng Thund3rz offers artists and developers a new and exciting platform on which to launch their assets while bringing greater variety and customisation to players.

This is the first of many exciting announcements coming up for Roll1ng Thund3rz and WEB3WAR, so make sure to follow our socials and join Twitter, Discord and Telegram to be the first to hear the latest news!

To check out the exclusive new WEB3WAR weapon skins created by Dr. Death, download and install the FUS1ON Gaming Hub.