Roll1ng Thund3rz Releases Web3War® v3.0

Our latest release is huge for Web3War®, though it’s not just a massive moment for us, it’s enormous for the gaming industry as a whole, with the introduction of Web3War® v3.0 bringing a barrage of epic innovations. Major game studios the world over will pay attention as Web3War® introduces its highly anticipated Skill2Earn (S2E) Mechanics, Ranked Matches, and Season Pass.

Continue reading to understand better what we are bringing you in the v3.0 update and Season 1 of Web3War®.


Pioneering Skill2Earn (S2E) Mechanics


More than just an update, v3.0 will transform first-person shooter games for an entire generation, across the globe. That’s how momentous this is.

Skill2Earn Mechanics will finally see players rewarded for their skills, abilities, and gaming performance, rather than just spending lots of time on a game. Our first Season Pass will see S2E integrated to help our gamers monetize their excellence, unlock epic NFT skins and XP boosts, and much more.

Acquiring the Season Pass, pivotal to the Web3War® v3.0 update, will require you to stake your $FPS tokens. This forges a unique and direct bond between you, your gaming mastery, and real-world rewards. 

On the topic of Skill2Earn’s integration into Web3War® v3.0, Valentin Cobelea, CTO and Co-Founder of Roll1ng Thund3rz (which developed S2E), explained: "We believe in creating a gaming ecosystem where players are not just participants but contributors. Skill-to-Earn is a testament to our commitment to rewarding the dedication, talent, and skills of our gaming community, ushering in a new era of interactive and rewarding gameplay."


Introducing the Season Pass


Throughout our Season Pass, we will be weaving together a gaming journey with 25 immersive and exciting assets that can be truly owned by our players. A mixture of 13 NFT skins to customize your character and weapons and 12 XP boosts will be progressively unlocked, but to first access the Season Pass and its reward path, you’ll need to get hold of our $FPS token and stake it. With enough tokens staked, you can start collecting Season XP and accruing your much-deserved S2E rewards.

We invite you to come and enjoy our regular matches and engaging game modes, but if you’re really up to the test, show your mettle and use some $FPS to enter a Ranked Match (more on this in the next section).

Demonstrate your dominance and the rewards come thick and fast. Key to S2E, the v3.0 update, and the W3W gaming philosophy is that gameplay needs to be fun and rewarding, rather than requiring vast amounts of time. Your progress on the Season Pass will show up as an aesthetically pleasing reminder of your mastery of the game, not how many hours you’ve ground out. 

If you’re not immediately sure you want the Season Pass straight away, 2 skins can be obtained for free, giving you a little taste of what’s yet to come. 


Ranked Matches


In Web3War® v3.0 we are introducing Ranked Matches, playable on all 12 of our carefully designed maps, delivering you the intense surroundings you need for heated individual and team-based encounters. 

Whether you’re competing alone for all of the bragging rights in a 1v1 matchup, or you’re teaming up with your trusted squad for 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 team-based skirmishes, you’ll need to pay an $FPS fixed access fee to join.

The winner, or winning team, then takes 88% of the prize pool, with 2% being burned to reduce the token supply, and 10% going to the game development fund. The stakes are high, with more than just XP to be gained.


FUS1ON Gaming Hub® Update


We feel the buzz emanating from our community across all social channels, reviewers raving about Web3War®, and potential partners keen to collaborate. Now, to add to the hype and positive sentiment around v3.0, we are pleased to announce that FUS1ON Gaming Hub®, the core of the Web3War® digital marketplace, has released a sleek and modern UI/UX update.

Gaming is a form of expression, and the 9,000+ NFT skins available in the FUS1ON Gaming Hub® are a powerful facilitator of that belief. Customization of identity and style being built into gameplay is not a new idea, but the way that FUS1ON Gaming Hub® does it - with token swapping, seamless token transfers between player wallets, and Collections - you’d think it was. 

The marketplace and digital asset hub guarantees Web3War® enthusiasts are well served as they prepare their character for warfare. With a new rapid search feature, more filters, notifications, news, events, and integrated social media tools, the FUS1ON Gaming Hub® just got a serious upgrade.

The core ideals of the FUS1ON Gaming Hub® are innovation, aesthetics, and functionality, all of which benefit and improve the Web3War® experience. 

True to our word, Web3War® is not only set to be propelled into the limelight thanks to the expert development and guidance of Roll1ng Thund3rz and its team but it’s also set to play a key role in shaking up the future of Web3 gaming. The implementation of Skill2Earn creates an immersive and engaging gaming environment for players to truly have skin in the game and find a good reason to improve their performance.  

This news is about more than just an update to a Web3 first-person shooter - Web3War® v3.0 is symbolic of gaming innovation, demanding better for players, and the need for evolving ecosystems that generate excitement and grow communities.