Our Vision for WEB3WAR: The First-Person Shooter on the Blockchain

In the constantly evolving world of online gaming, WEB3WAR is emerging as a revolutionary title that redefines the player experience.

Crafted by Web3 gaming company Roll1ng Thund3rz and secured by the Zilliqa blockchain, WEB3WAR focuses on delivering powerful Web3 features while always putting the player experience first.

As an action-packed online multiplayer shooter, WEB3WAR offers exciting gameplay that competes with the best FPS games on the market while also integrating innovative blockchain elements that give players real ownership over their in-game assets.

This multiplayer, free-to-play, seasonal content-oriented first-person shooter (FPS) is setting a new standard for fun and high-quality gameplay in the digital realm.

WEB3WAR is designed to bring the revolutionary features of Web3 gaming to the mainstream market.

Let’s take a look at the key features of WEB3WAR that make it the first Web3 game designed for the global FPS gaming community.


Skill2Earn Philosophy


Central to the ethos of WEB3WAR is its groundbreaking Skill2Earn system. This mechanism marks a radical departure from traditional gaming reward systems like Play-to-Earn, instead focusing on skillful gameplay. 

Under the Skill2Earn system, players are rewarded with blockchain-based tokens and other assets based on their in-game performance against other players, aligning proficiency with tangible rewards. 

Skill2Earn is slated to launch together with the game’s first seasonal content update, bringing a new aspect to the popular Web3 first-person shooter that rewards players for proving their skill in ranked gameplay.


True Ownership and Participation


Unlike other top shooting games on the market, WEB3WAR lets you truly own your in-game currency and items thanks to its use of blockchain technology.

This empowers players to contribute to game features and content as well as exercise complete control over the digital assets they own, allowing them to freely earn and trade these items and tokens.

By giving players true ownership of digital assets that have real-world value, WEB3WAR offers a deeper connection to players and encourages participation at the cutting edge of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.


Big Tech Partnerships


WEB3WAR’s collaboration with major tech companies like Microsoft, and Google Cloud through Zilliqa Group, is a powerful catalyst for bridging the gap between the world of Web3 entertainment and the mainstream gaming market. 

As one of the first Web3 games to be featured on the Microsoft Store through the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, WEB3WAR is not just striving forward in its innovative development; it is expanding its reach to a larger global audience.


Customization for an Individual Experience


WEB3WAR offers an unparalleled level of customization that merges seamlessly with its blockchain-based cosmetic skin NFTs and in-game currency, allowing players to tailor their experience to suit their preferences.

From a deep progression system to fully customizable load-outs, WEB3WAR allows you to tweak everything from your character’s skin to the attachments for your selected weapons.

This system pairs with the ability to truly own your in-game assets, allowing players to show off their favorite cosmetics and load-outs while dominating the competition.


Economic Empowerment for Players


Beyond its value as one of the top FPS games on the market, WEB3WAR represents a new economic frontier in gaming. It empowers players to monetize their gaming expertise and contributions, transforming gameplay into an economically viable activity.

This not only adds an exciting layer to the competitive gaming experience but also paves the way for a novel form of economic participation by allowing players to earn rewards with real-world value through gameplay.

The popularity of WEB3WAR’s fresh new approach to Web3 gaming is evidenced by its impressive onboarding of more than 57,000 players to date, with more than 25,600 monthly active users and 1,400 daily active users. 

Each player, with their own unique blockchain-linked account, is a testament to the game’s growing appeal and the success of WEB3WAR’s strategy to make Web3 gaming accessible to a global audience of traditional gamers.


Bringing Web3 Gaming to the World


WEB3WAR is not just revolutionizing the FPS genre; it's reimagining the very fabric of online gaming. 

With its unique Skill2Earn philosophy, commitment to true digital asset ownership, strategic partnerships with tech giants, and focus on individual player experience, WEB3WAR is a harbinger of a new era in gaming. 

It delivers a world where fun, skill, economic empowerment, and personalization coalesce to create a truly unprecedented, immersive, and rewarding gaming experience.

As WEB3WAR continues to gain momentum, it continues to light the way as a beacon for how Web3 gaming can be fun and rewarding for anyone.