Key Features of the FUS1ON Gaming Hub

Welcome to our exploration of the FUS1ON Gaming Hub developed by Roll1ng Thund3rz. Designed with both the Web2 and Web3 gaming communities in mind, FUS1ON is user-centric, frictionless, and trustless. Now, it is accessible at and, whether using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. But, our most important access point for the FUS1ON platform is in the Microsoft Store here, making it the first Web3 gaming platform to partner with Microsoft already since October 2023.

The FUS1ON Gaming Hub® takes some feature and visual inspiration from already decades established gaming platforms. This intentional design is to help both mainstream gamers and Web3 natives to have a familiar feel as they onboard, create a wallet, explore the marketplace, and more.

Keep reading as we take a closer look at the key features of the FUS1ON Gaming Hub®, how users are protected on the marketplace, and more. 


FUS1ON Gaming Hub in details

Personal FUS1ON Wallet

The FUS1ON Gaming Hub® generates an integrated Zilliqa wallet automatically when you register an account. This allows you to use FUS1ON to facilitate payments with other players, as well as make withdrawals and deposits. This wallet operates under the hood of FUS1ON and does not require you to have any prior blockchain knowledge or technical crypto skills.

Perhaps most excitingly, the FUS1ON wallet is the blockchain technology that backs the ability to manage and trade NFTs and tokens related to games on the platform, such as Web3War®. 


Buy and Sell Skin NFTs


The FUS1ON Gaming Hub® presents an opportunity for the most savvy and entrepreneurial Web3War® players (and those playing future titles) to buy and sell weapon and character skin NFTs to make $FPS profits. 

Whether it’s searching for arbitrage opportunities in the marketplace, unlocking NFTs through gameplay in the Season Pass that you can then sell, or simply trading the free skins you might unlock through a challenge, there is $FPS to be made. The strategy you employ in the FUS1ON MARK3T is up to you - if you think there’s profit to be made, don’t let someone else beat you to it. 


The $FPS Swap Feature


Within FUS1ON®, users will be able to make direct and instant swaps between Zilliqa ($ZIL) and Web3War® ($FPS) tokens. In just a few clicks, you can turn your $ZIL into $FPS and access Ranked Matches and Staking for the Season Pass. Alternatively, you can turn your earned $FPS into $ZIL and send it to another ZIL-compatible wallet. When more games enter the ecosystem, FPS will have even greater utility and functionality. 


The $ZIL Purchase Feature


Getting $ZIL tokens directly to your FUS1ON wallet has never been easier, as the gaming hub already has the RAMP Network plugin integrated into it, which allows players to purchase the $ZIL with various payment options, like debit or credit cards and a few others.


User Protection & Security


The FUS1ON Gaming Hub® has been built with players’ needs as a priority, and with this in mind, we had to guarantee that the platform would be fair, robust, and with all necessary measures in place.

We employ DigiCERT to verify and certify FUS1ON, giving players assurances that they can use our platform safely, not having to worry about malicious actors or exploits. DigiCERT provides industry-leading zero-compromise certificates that offer complete, professional-grade protection, along with a suite of expert tools and notable benefits. Being a verified and certified partner of DigiCERT means that all of our applications and games are malware, virus, and hack-free. 

To protect the gaming hub, we have also integrated an additional layer of security via N3utr0n®, which is the same anti-cheating and anti-hacking tool that keeps Web3War’s lobbies fun and fair. So far, there have been zero instances of hacking or cheating, and long may that continue. This level of protection will also be extended to future games in our ecosystem, whether developed internally, licensed externally, or via the Game Launcher (more info to come soon).


Final Words on FUS1ON


Valentin Cobelea, Co-Founder of Roll1ng Thund3rz and Web3War video game creator was keen to highlight the significance of FUS1ON when interviewed recently. He is quoted as saying: "We are elated to offer the marketplace feature of FUS1ON Gaming Hub to our users on the web through and in the Microsoft Store. This move embodies our commitment to making Web3 gaming, and especially the player inventory, easily accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of which device they use. Our growing community of players can now dive into the MARK3T from any internet-connected device."

The development team has a combined 100+ years of software engineering and 80+ years of AAA / AA experience, having built epic titles at Activision, Slash Games, Tencent, Gameloft, and more. Together, the whole Roll1ng Thund3rz team unites to make sure that not only are the games as impressive and enjoyable as they can be, but that everything surrounding the game, like the marketplace and NFT items, are top-tier too.