How Blockchain Enhances the FPS Experience in Web3War®

Web3War® is a leading Web3, free-to-play, seasonal content-based FPS game developed by game studio Roll1ng Thund3rz. Our pioneering title is built on Zilliqa, a well-known Layer 1 blockchain that has solved the scalability issue plaguing other networks and is now adding online gaming to its already impressive ecosystem. 

This article will explore how Roll1ng Thund3rz has leveraged Web3 technology and the Zilliqa tech stack to enhance the first-person shooter experience. By doing so, we are demonstrating exactly why the integration of blockchain technology in gaming will change this space for the better.


Zilliqa Blockchain Technology in Web3War®


Three aspects of Zilliqa have helped this protocol to become a leading project in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Each of the three following attributes is already being intelligently leveraged by Web3War® to deliver a superior game to our players.

  • Scalability - Thanks to sharding technology, Zilliqa can handle thousands of transactions per second, far more than most blockchains. It also means that we can grow our player numbers, add more game modes and items, and expand the ecosystem, all without the quality and consistency dropping off.
  • Security - Using a hybrid consensus mechanism of Proof-of-Wok (PoW) and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT), Zilliqa is cryptographically secure, offering coded protection against malicious entities. 
  • Interoperability - Zilliqa was designed with the bigger picture in mind, allowing for connections and integrations with other blockchains, their systems, and new dApps. Web3War® has bold plans for the future, and interoperability is likely to play a part as we aim to reach a wider audience. 

We believe that no other blockchain could meet the needs of Web3War® as well as Zilliqa does. 


Player Ownership and NFTs

Now a common theme among Web3 games, Web3War® offers players complete ownership of their in-game assets, all thanks to the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). When you first enter our ecosystem, you’ll be given a Zilliqa web wallet through our FUS1ON Gaming Hub®, which is where your $FPS token and in-game NFT assets, such as weapon skins, will be stored.

In traditional games, your items are usually not tradeable, and if they are, the games rarely facilitate it so openly, leading to what is known as “gray markets”. One of the biggest gray markets is associated with the ultra-popular gaming title “CS:GO”, where skins are sold outside of the platform, with the rarest pieces going for thousands of dollars each. 

We can all accept that in-game assets have real-world value, so Web3War® provides the MARK3T in our FUS1ON Gaming Hub® to make it easier to trade. A formalized marketplace negates all of the challenges that have riddled traditional game players when trying to transfer their assets to others. 

Player immersion and the gameplay experience are the primary beneficiaries of the changes that we, and other Web3 games are making to the industry. All next-gen games will use NFTs to tokenize in-game items, characters, currencies, and Season Passes, empowering users to have a more free and unconditional experience. It’s time to move beyond strict, limiting worlds and their unofficial gray markets. 


Decentralized Economy


Building a decentralized economy has been one of the most interesting pieces of the Web3War® puzzle. It involves not just designing a currency, with advanced tokenomics and multiple utilities, but also developing a user-friendly marketplace, forging relationships with cryptocurrency exchanges to get $FPS listed. 

We believe that by developing a decentralized economy, we can realize some very special outcomes. With Web3War®, players truly own their in-game assets as NFTs and can buy, sell, and trade in decentralized marketplaces. They can’t have those items taken away from them or erased - that’s the power of the blockchain.

Centralized ownership has no place here. We’re moving away from central storage and distribution, giving power to our players over their digital assets. Our game itself is decentralized too, not just by being built on the blockchain, but by being spread across servers all around the world. 


Enhanced Security and Fairness


Traditional games got security all wrong. They were vulnerable to hacks, cheats, and fraud, as they were run by central authorities that were not especially proactive in protecting their games and IP. Web3 games like W3W, which are built on the blockchain, use a combination of cryptographic algorithms, decentralized networks, and additional layers of protection to secure players and their assets. Blockchain-based games are more secure. 

Transparency is key to our mission, so we’ve been quite open about the anti-cheating and anti-hacking tools that we employ, namely N3utr0n. We’ve also used DigiCERT for verification and certification for the Web3War® game and the FUS1ON® Gaming Hub, giving further assurance that players can enjoy their time here without risk. 

The blockchain has helped to enhance the FPS experience in Web3War®, as we have yet to experience a hack or cheat, meaning lobbies are always fair and nobody can feel wronged by a result. All protections we offer now will be extended to future ecosystem releases too, whether developed by us, licensed from another studio, or released on our Game Launcher (future development). 


Final Thoughts


Web3 technologies have played a largely transformative role in the FPS gaming space, and are helping us to deliver a gaming experience that puts us side-by-side with the best shooting games in the world. Looking beyond that, Web3 technology has a role to play in all sorts of games, from consoles to mobiles, and beyond. 

A revolution in gaming is already here.