Exclusive Interview with Web3War® Players

To deliver the best FPS shooter in the Web3 gaming industry,  have the FUS1ON gaming hub listed in the Microsoft Store, and get our $FPS token listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, we had to pay close attention to what our strong community was saying. 

We empowered our players to be open and frank about Web3War® and to share their important perspectives, suggestions, and improvements. As a result, we have an epic player-centric game that rewards the most skilled players for their mastery and accomplishments. 

We believe that Web3War v3.0 will be a prominent release in the history of Web3 gaming, especially regarding shooting games. We needed the help of fans, enthusiasts, and evangelists to get to this point, and we’re still looking to hear more key feedback from you to reach the next level. 


W3W Player Profiles: Diverse Backgrounds and Experiences


We have registered over 70,000 players already, with large and active communities from different countries. Web3War players represent dozens of nations and regions, all kinds of backgrounds and demographics, and a variety of skill levels. Everyone is welcome, such is the open, diverse, and inclusive nature of the W3W player community. 

Here are some insights from three of W3W’s most active and passionate players - @Big_BE4TS, @Uddomains, and @tmiicsgo. 


What is your gaming background?


@Big_BE4TS: “My gaming background consists of different shooting games. I started gaming back in 2008 on the Nintendo Wii, but PC-wise, I started playing Rust in 2015. Then, I moved on to CS:GO and other competitive FPS titles. In the summer of 2020, I started streaming my gameplay on YouTube, before moving over to Twitch in 2021.”

@Uddomains: “There’s not much of a background for me, I’ve mostly played PlayStation games like COD. I’m more of a crypto guy, and I’ve been into Zilliqa since 2018. I’ve been closely following every project on ZIL and I must say, W3W is the best - by far.”

@tmiicsgo: “I started gaming a long time ago, first playing Counter-Strike 1.6 in 2017, I think. After that, I became obsessed with CS:GO and PUBG, and I was mainly grinding those titles. Now, Web3War has found a place among my most-played games. You can probably tell that I love FPS games!”


What are your favorite things about Web3War®?


@Big_BE4TS: “The thing that I like the most about Web3War is the collaborations that you guys have been doing with different content creators.”

@Uddomains: “I like its potential to grow and become the next global phenomenon in gaming. With the current team of professionals and Valentin Cobelea as a leader, I think it’s doable. The Skill2Earn model is also changing the gaming industry as we know it and W3W is the pioneer opening its doors. Finally, I have to mention the 12 maps, the game’s details, the awesome graphics, the beautiful skins, the great UI, and the easy-to-use marketplace.”

@tmiicsgo: “I like the feeling that the game gives me when I’m fighting on its servers! Also, my AK skin looks amazing, so that’s probably my favorite thing - the satisfaction I get while playing with it.”


What's your favorite map and game mode? Why?


@Big_BE4TS: “My favorite map is Villa. It’s close quarters and easy to dominate by using SMGs and Shotguns. I also love the Deathmatch game mode for the fast-paced action it provides.”

@Uddomains: “All of the maps are great. I think I play Containers and Shooting House the most, on Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed. These are pure adrenaline maps.”

@tmiicsgo: “Containers and Skyscraper are my most played maps, and it’s hard to pick a favorite one between them. I love playing Team Deathmatch since everyone is your enemy and there are a lot of targets to shoot at.”


What are you most excited about for Season 1?


@Big_BE4TS: “In my opinion, the most exciting thing that Season 1 brings is the Ranked Match game mode. I can’t wait to dominate the battlefield and climb up the leaderboards!”

@Uddomains: “Skill2Earn going live is so exciting, along with the new skins. This is a big moment for W3W. Congratulations to all involved for bringing this to life!”

@tmiicsgo: “I’m excited about the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 Ranked Matches. I can’t wait to play it with my community. The new skins and ‘Learn-to-Earn Challenge’ both look very interesting too!”


What would you like to see in Web3War® in the future?


@Big_BE4TS: “I’d like to see more FPS improvements and new mechanics that can help improve the QOL for every single player. I would also love to see some new scopes since the ones that are currently in the game are quite zoomed-in.”

@Uddomains: “For me, the game is complete as it is. I would leave it to Valentin to decide, but I would like to see more support and marketing from Zilliqa’s side. That’s because this game could make Zilliqa blockchain the most wanted blockchain in the gaming industry!”

@tmiicsgo: It might be interesting to add Battle Royale mode to the game. In my opinion, that’s the mode that is most appealing to new players.”


Conclusion: Community Collaboration is Crucial


Thank you to @Big_BE4TS, @Uddomains, and TMI for their continued contributions to Web3War® - it makes a huge difference to us here. For any game, having a growing player base is an important metric, but we believe that building an environment where engagers, enthusiasts, and collaborators can be seen and heard is far superior. Your contributions will help us to become the dominant force in Web3 gaming and will help you to get the most unapologetically epic FPS ever. 

As we move forward together, we encourage you to reach out to us in whichever way you like best to share your ideas to help us build a better game for you!

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