Everything You Need to Know About WEB3WAR’s In-Game Currency $FPS and Rewards

WEB3WAR, the multiplayer shooter developed by Roll1ng Thund3rz and incubated by Zilliqa, delivers an exciting and competitive FPS experience that rivals the top shooting games on the market.

The game offers action-packed gameplay, tactical maps, custom load-outs, weapon skins, progression, and many more of the features found in many of the best FPS games.

WEB3WAR also uses blockchain technology to allow players to earn valuable rewards from playing the game. Unlike most other Web3 games, WEB3WAR’s approach to blockchain gaming is based on player skill, which means the better you play, the more rewards you will earn.

If you’re an avid fan of Web3 gaming or first-person shooters, keep an eye out for the official launch of the $FPS token, the official in-game currency for WEB3WAR, coming soon! Let’s take a look at $FPS and how it will work in WEB3WAR.

Introducing $FPS - WEB3WAR In-Game Currency 


What is the $FPS token?

The in-game currency for WEB3WAR is $FPS, a blockchain-based token that can be purchased from the FUS1ON Gaming Hub. $FPS can also be earned from ranked gameplay in WEB3WAR, where gamers are rewarded for their skilled gameplay and dominating the battlefield through the Skill2Earn system.

The tokens can be traded between wallets and on exchanges like many other currencies from blockchain games, allowing players to earn real value from their gameplay.

How can players use $FPS in WEB3WAR?

Once you have your $FPS, you can use your tokens to level up your gaming experience in WEB3WAR. $FPS can be used to purchase a wide selection of items through the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, from other Web3 games to cosmetic skins that are real NFTs secured on the blockchain.

Your $FPS is also your key to Ranked Matches, where you can play against other players for the chance to earn more in-game currency.

Skill2Earn and Ranked Matches

At the heart of WEB3WAR’s blockchain gaming experience is Skill2Earn, an exciting new approach to Web3 gaming that allows players to be rewarded for honing their competitive edge.

By playing Ranked Matches and proving your skill against other players, you will be rewarded with more $FPS through the Skill2Earn system. 

In a Ranked Match, you will first deposit an amount of $FPS and then face off against other players in team game modes such as Deathmatch. At the end of the match, you will be rewarded with $FPS based on the results.

Blueprints and NFTs

In addition to the $FPS in-game currency, WEB3WAR also lets players earn or buy cosmetic skin NFTs that can be equipped by your character in-game, where you can show off the NFTs you truly own.

NFTs are crafted from a certain number of Blueprints depending on their rarity, and these can be earned as rewards through gameplay. Cosmetic skin NFTs can also be bought directly from the FUS1ON Gaming Hub.

Care Packages

If you buy a SeasonPass, you will get a soulbound NFT that you will not be able to transfer to others.

Each day, holders of this SeasonPass will be rewarded with a Care Package - a box of items that may include anything from $FPS to cosmetic skin blueprints.

These can only be opened once per day and give players even more reason to buy and compete for $FPS in WEB3WAR.

The Economy of WEB3WAR


Earning Rewards

When you enter a Ranked Match in WEB3WAR, you will compete for a share of the pool of $FPS deposited by all players in the match.

Once a Ranked Match is over, 88% of the $FPS in the pool will be awarded to the winning team, with 10% going to the WEB3WAR treasury and 2% being burned.

These rewards are distributed once per day, although you can also claim your $FPS immediately by paying a 1% fee on the total reward amount.


The SeasonPass gives you access to exciting new content, high-quality maps, and limited-edition rewards.

SeasonPass holders will be able to earn more rewards through each season of gameplay and unlock daily Care Package drops.

You can get your SeasonPass by staking 50 $FPS, and you can earn 2% of your deposit back per year by staking your $FPS for the full season.

The utility of $FPS

The $FPS token brings powerful Web3 features to what is already one of the best FPS games in the space.

By buying or earning $FPS through Ranked Matches, you will unlock access to a massive range of rewards and in-game content, as well as opportunities to interact with the development of WEB3WAR and enhance your experience with everything from eSports tournament entries to merchandise.

Ready up, $FPS is coming soon!

Want to grab your $FPS and dive into Ranked Matches to earn rewards for proving your skill against the FPS gaming community?

The launch of the $FPS token is just around the corner - don’t miss your chance to get in on the action.

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