Enabling True Player Ownership in Web3War® Through NFTs

Free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter Web3War® is leading the change in Web3 gaming, delivering fast-paced, high-quality gameplay paired with blockchain-based features that offer gamers true ownership of their in-game assets.

Developed by Roll1ng Thund3rz, Web3War® rivals the best FPS games on the market and is designed with integrated Web3 features that focus on putting the player experience first.

The in-game currency and assets of Web3War® are tokenized and secured by the Zilliqa blockchain and held directly in player wallets, giving gamers true ownership over their cosmetic skins and tokens.

Blockchain technology unlocks a new way to play for online gamers by imbuing items like cosmetic skins with real value and giving players complete control over their in-game assets, reimagining the way players interact with digital in-game items.

Find out more about how Web3War® uses NFTs to enable real player ownership below.


What NFTs mean for gamers


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets secured by and transferred on a blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrency tokens, every NFT is a unique asset with its own properties.

Web3War® uses NFTs to represent in-game items such as cosmetic weapons or character skins, which makes these items far more valuable and useful than in-game items found in traditional online games.

Players who own in-game cosmetic skins also hold the underlying NFT in their blockchain wallet, meaning they have complete control over the assets they own and truly own the skins they are using in Web3War®.

Those who want to explore more of the Web3 world can trade, buy and sell these NFTs directly on the blockchain or through platforms like NFT marketplaces, allowing Web3War® players to benefit from activities like NFT trading and create real value from their in-game items.


Blueprints and NFTs in Web3War®


Cosmetic skin NFTs for Web3War® can be directly purchased from the Fus1on Mark3t or earned through gameplay via the game’s Blueprint system.

Web3War® players can earn Blueprints through gameplay and Care Packages. Once a player has collected enough Blueprints, they can use these to craft an NFT of a specific rarity depending on the number of Blueprints consumed.

Once a skin has been purchased or crafted from Blueprints and reflected in the player’s wallet, it will be available to equip as an in-game item in Web3War®.

Roll1ng Thund3rz has also committed to a cross-game NFT approach, which means the cosmetic items you purchase or earn within Web3War® will be usable across other games from the developer in the future.

In this way, cosmetic skin NFTs not only have real value and are truly owned by players, but they will gain even more utility as the ecosystem of Web3 games grows.


Care Packages


If Web3War® players buy a SeasonPass, they will get a soulbound NFT which they will not be able to transfer to others.

Every day, these players will be awarded a Care Package - a box of items that may include anything from in-game currency to Blueprints for cosmetic skins.

Care Packages can only be opened once per day and give players even more opportunities to earn and craft cosmetic skin NFTs from Blueprints.


Blueprint Rarity


Every NFT in Web3War® has a rarity, and this defines how many Blueprints are needed to craft that item.

This means that if you choose to consume more Blueprints when crafting an NFT, you can receive an item of a higher rarity level.

There are five levels of NFT rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Mythical, and Legendary, with each requiring a greater number of Blueprints to be consumed upon crafting.

For example, if you want to craft a Common NFT, you will only need to consume 5 Blueprints, but if you wish to craft a Legendary NFT, you will need 100 Blueprints.

Blueprints are consumed in this process, after which you will receive an NFT of the appropriate rarity in your wallet, allowing you to equip and use the item in Web3War® or trade it on the blockchain.

NFT Rarity - Number of blueprints needed:

Common - 5

Rare - 15

Epic - 35

Mythical - 60

Legendary - 100




Another exciting feature of Web3War® is the game’s SeasonPass, which unlocks exciting new seasonal content, high-quality maps, and limited-edition rewards.

SeasonPass owners will also have access to Care Package drops, which may contain Blueprints for creating cosmetic skin NFTs.

Players will be able to buy a SeasonPass by staking in-game currency, unlocking access to powerful features and new ways to earn real rewards through gameplay.


$FPS in-game currency


Buying cosmetic skin NFTs and the SeasonPass can be done by spending $FPS, the in-game currency of Web3War®.

As a fungible token secured by the Zilliqa blockchain, $FPS can be transacted freely between blockchain wallets and can also be earned through gameplay thanks to Web3War®’s innovative Skill2Earn system.

The launch of $FPS and Skill2Earn is coming soon, and with it will come the ability for players to receive rewards that have real value from their in-game activities.

Keep an eye on our socials for more updates - don’t miss the chance to get some $FPS and start collecting Web3War®’s cosmetic skin NFTs.