Future City’s Elite Warriors Battle For Supremacy

The year is 2092. In Future City, citizens spend days and nights being endlessly entertained by the city’s greatest warriors as they battle for glory, bragging rights, and the spoils of victory in the virtual battleground known as Web3War

Web3War is for everyone but only the brave and skilled will be rewarded

Skills and courage are rewarded in this unforgiving battleground — where untold fortune and fame await those with the skills to compete


Web3War is about customization, high skill gameplay, and earning rewards for your achievements in-game

Choose Your Weapon

Join The Battle

Collect Your Rewards


Choose the combat ground that best suits your skills — with maps that range from tight urban warzones to open desert wastelands with long sightlines.

Weapons & Equipment

Everything from sub machine guns to sniper rifles are at your disposal. Select the weapon that complements your playstyle and tune it to perfection with customizable attachments.

Seasonal Content

Every season will bring new game modes, weapons, skins, and opportunities to earn rewards in Web3War

How we use blockchain

Our Vision

We believe in rewarding players for their skill and....

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Freely trade or sell your skins and equipment for money...

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FPS Token

Earn the FPS Token as you climb the W3W scoreboard...

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Powered by Zilliqa

All NFTs, rewards, and items can be traded within...

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